Smashing some words with Smashwords

I didn’t want to do an interview. Who cares what I think, right? And besides, I’m not even sure what I think. But there was this author page on Smashwords with my name on it that remained boringly blah, and one of the options to pep it up was an author interview. Smashwords provides the questions; you provide the answers. Since my goal is to do something every day to promote my latest book, Every Last Stitch, I decided the interview would be today’s thing.

Surprisingly, it was fun. I got to talk about my favorite authors, how I write, what my next project is about, and my earliest experience of reading. (Ah, memories of Dick and Jane! Those of us of a certain age can relate to the See Spot Run (“Run, run, Spot.”) stories in our first grade readers.  Our young eyeballs glazed; our developing minds went AWOL. Kids today have it easy with their peppy little stories. We had to slog along with Baby Sally.)

I’d like to reprint the whole interview here, but I don’t think Smashwords would go for that. So I hope you’ll go to Smashwords, type in my name, and read it onsite. You can hum “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.”  And then I’d love it if you’d comment on your reading life. For instance, can anyone remember Dick and Jane’s kitten’s name?


Who Likes Lemonade, Anyway?

I read the manuscript,  reread it, and then read it again. Spell-checked it several times. Kind friends read it for me. And there is STILL a misspelled word in the pages of my new book, Every Last Stitch.


Yeah, I know: lemonade out of lemons, and all that. So, in the hope of sweetening some very sour lemonade, here’s my offer: to the first reader who finds the misspelling in the paperback and emails me at, I’ll send a $25 Amazon gift card.  (Hint: it’s an adverb. Adverbs are mean and sneaky, and they don’t like to be speled rite.)

If, in your quest for my mistake, you happen to enjoy the book, let me know. It will make my lemonade a little bit sweeter.