Thanks for a great book launch

Here’s every author’s dread: there you are at your book-signing table with a stack of books at your side, pen in hand. And there you are. Just you. And the books. Nobody shows up. Nobody cares.

That’s what didn’t happen at the launch of my latest book, Mrs. Entwhistle, held on Feb. 26 at the Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta. I didn’t count noses, but about 50 people showed up and nearly 70 books left the building with them. My friends really turned out for me, and there were also some new faces in the crowd.

We had a great time eating homemade cookies and drinking iced tea (this is the South, you know). My guests allowed me to read them a story, and they asked good follow-up questions.  Everyone browsed the museum, which is a destination in itself. All in all, it was a great day for me, and I sincerely thank everyone who helped make it possible.

Now back to work on Book #4.