Once upon a time, I wrote non-fiction articles for magazines and newspapers. Redbook, Writer’s Digest and Women’s Circle were among my sales. I also wrote a book review column for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution book section. My beat was true crime, which made people in my family nervous. Then I got a job that actually produced a regular paycheck and put writing aside.

Years later, when I lifted my nose from the grindstone and squinted into the sunshine, I decided to give writing another whirl, only this time I’d try fiction. The first book to be published, Five for the Money, led to the second, Every Last Stitch, the third, Mrs. Entwhistle, and the fourth, Imperfect Stranger. All are available on Amazon.

I’ve been fortunate to find a fantastic teacher, mentor and publisher, Josh (when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come) Langston, and to be able to keep company with talented fellow writers who generously critique my manuscripts. That, along with a computer, internet access, a thick skin and a low threshold for boredom, is all any writer really needs.